Jamason Chen (CHI)
Jamason Chen is a photographer, videographer and new media researcher, who is currently based in the United States. Chen was born in Shanghai, China in 1959. His remarkable columns and essays on photography as well as visual culture have been highly published in the United States and Asian journals.



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Alex Ng (CHI)
Alex Ng is a famous photographer from Hong Kong, who graduated from Shue Yan University. He began teaching photojournalism at Shue Yan University and has contributed through countless magazines including the popular Photo Magazine. He is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Communication at Shue Yan University.



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Dr. Oh Soon-hwa (ENG)
Dr. Soon-Hwa Oh is a photographer, curator, and lecturer in photography. She is currently an associate professor at the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Website:  www.soonhwaphoto.com



__Jerome de Perlinghi 


 Jerome de Perlinghi (ENG)
Jerome De Perlinghi worked as a freelance photographer for more than 30 years on various projects. He is the Artistic Director and Principal Organizer of the Photography Festival called “Eyes on Main Street” in Wilson, North Carolina.
Website:  www.jeromedeperlinghi.com



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Shahidul Alam (ENG)
A photographer and an activist with a desire to create a positive change, Shahidul Alam derives from Bangladesh and he is also a proud founder of Drik Picture Library. He is also a director of Chobi Mela, a photography Festival in Asia, and he was the first Asian chair of the World Press Photo contest judging panel.
Website:  www.shahidulalam.com


__Ryan Libre



Ryan Libre (ENG)
The creative process behind the camera lens led Ryan Libre, an award-winning documentary photographer, to establish Documentary Arts Asia (DocArtsAsia). Libre currently teaches for School of Arts & Sciences, Humanity Institute in Kachin State, Myanmar.
Website:  ryanlibre.com