Programmes in KLPF 2021
Eyes on Main Street Residency Program

by Jerome De Perlinghi (USA), Ghadah Alrawi (USA) (Eng)

9.30 p.m – 11.00 p.m 9/12/2021

The Light Within A Hundred Square Feet

by Jamason Chen (USA) (Host), Warren Jiang (USA) (Filmmaker) (Eng)

9.30 p.m – 11.00 p.m 6/12/2021

Ideas of Photography 摄影何谓/为

by Hung Shih-Tsung 洪世聰 (Taiwan), Jamason Chen (USA) (Chi)

9.30 p.m – 11.00 p.m 5/12/2021

Steep Price: Muslim Weavers in Varanasi, India

by Dr. Oh SoonHwa (Singapore & South Korea) (Eng)

8.00 p.m – 9.00 p.m 5/12/2021

Presentation by The Photographic Society of Singapore

by Jeffery Wong, Pang Teng Lin (Eng)

9.30 p.m – 11.00 p.m 4/12/2021

Time is not passing without meaning by JeonJu International Photo Festival

by Haesook Yu (South Korea), Kim Jaenam (South Korea) (Eng)

2.45 p.m – 3.30 p.m 4/12/2021

Presentation by Women Street Photographers

by Dee Dwyer (USA), Gulnara Samoilova (USA) (Eng)

9.30 p.m – 11.00 p.m 2/12/2021

街拍攝影師的「權利」與「義務」 Street Photography

by Alex Ng 伍振榮 (Hong Kong) (Cantonese)

8.00 p.m – 9.00 p.m 2/12/2021

Optics and Lens Personalities

by Jamason Chen (USA), Lisa Gualtieri Alford (USA) (Eng)

9.30 p.m – 11.00 p.m 1/12/2021