The KLPF, the main event of the photographic industry in Malaysia, is the platform of art and technology exchange for photographers and industry players. The event encompasses a comprehensive agenda that meets the interests of the whole imaging industry – from individual photographers to the imaging equipment manufacturers, imaging services, photographic societies, photographic awards organisations including art collectors, and so on. Besides photography exhibitions and presentations, the KLPF is the event where photographers meet and establish connections. It is a fact that photography goes hand-in-hand with travels. Travels are never complete without those enticing photos. That is why players from the tourism industry like tourism boards and tour agencies participate in the KLPF to capture the interests of photographers and travellers.

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges in the year 2020, the festival continued to thrive with an online presence. The year 2021 saw another bold step in the history of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival with a HYBRID event comprising of a virtual festival on a microsite & Facebook Page as well as the physica event.

As we are transitioning to the endemic phase, our physical KLPF event will take its precedence while the online KLPF event will remain for our long distance guests.

KLPF is organised by PCP Publications – the publisher for photography and travel magazines – Photo Creator, Advanced Images, Fotografika, Travelmate and Travelution.

Photo Creator 摄影玩家 (since 1995) The leading photography magazine in Southeast Asia devoted to promoting the skills of local photographers.
Travelmate 旅游玩家 (since 2007) Malaysia’s signature magazine for domestic and international travels.
Advanced Images (since 2002)Malaysia’s premier photography magazine devoted to promoting the art of photography.
Travelution (since 2009)The new generation English travel magazine that inspires the difference in travels.
FotoGrafika (sejak 2011)Inspirasi seni fotografi anda. Platform yang terbaik bagi meluaskan lagi pendekatan ilmu seni fotografi kepada seluruh warganegara Malaysia.

Organiser Profile

PCP Publications (PCP) is a publisher of photography and travel magazines ( as well as professional organiser for photography and travel events.

Our Professional Services

  • Conduct photography workshops and courses
  • Photography equipment test and review
  • Travel talks and seminars
  • Organize travel (local and overseas) for photography events
  • Organize the annual Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival – the hottest imaging and travel festival

Our Team

Kim Teoh : Founder
Jessica Chan : Festival Director
Ernie Teh : Project Manager
Elina Heng : Marketing Manager
Wong Zheng Huan : Project Co-ordinator
Hamizah Amir Hamzah : Project Co-ordinator
Warren Loh : Project Co-ordinator