KLPF 2020 Editor’s Choice: The 24 Most Beautiful Kampung by the Sea

KLPF 2020 Editor’s Choice – The 24 Most Beautiful Kampung by the Sea

Presented by Travelution Magazine & Travelmate 《旅游玩家》杂志

MTCC Photography Contest 2020

This photography contest is a collaboration between Malaysian Timber Certification Council and PCP Publications. It is aimed at raising public awareness on the beauty and benefits of our tropical lush forests while promoting the importance of valuing the nature and sustainable forest management through timber certification to benefit future generations.


Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2020 Annual Photo Exhibition

Art of Cultures

As the saying goes, art shapes the character and culture of a society. The annual theme exhibition invites photographers to explore the customs, social behaviour and lifestyle of the society in single images.

#dudukrumah The Lockdown Series

This year, people all over the world are living an extraordinary chapter in history with the COVID-19 outbreak. Although there are fewer restrictions now compared to when Malaysia was placed under the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March, our lives will never be the same again.

While we are limited in our freedom to move about, we are not limited in our freedom on creative thinking. To celebrate this freedom, the KLPF will feature images taken by Malaysian photographers during the MCO, regardless of whether they were on lockdown or on duty. This collection will be an archive of this historic moment of the 21st century in Malaysia.

KLPF2020 Online Photo Exhibition – Rediscovery of Klang 重现巴生

Klang is one of the oldest cities in Malaysia and also the Royal Town of Selangor. It is steeped in history and culture dating back more than 100 years. Klang is one of the best places to walk down the streets of heritage, listen to the stories of the ancient Sultanate and savour the tastes of traditional cuisines. This gallery takes viewers to rediscover the charms of this heritage city of Klang.

KLPF2020 Online Photo Exhibition : Festival of the Festivals

Festival of the Festivals is a collaboration with festivals and photo exhibitions from across the world. This is our effort to bring the international exhibitions into our country to allow our photographers to gain exposure to a diverse range in photographic visual arts.

KLPF2020 The Director’s Choice Exhibition

The Director’s Choice is an exhibition by invitation of the Director of the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival. This is a special gallery for photographers who have their distinct tastes in the art of photography.

KLPF2020 Online Photo Exhibition : OPPO The world through my eyes

OPPO that clearly has one of the best smartphone technologies in the world for photography. Sharing views to the world from OPPO photography.

KLPF2020 Online Photo Exhibition – Camaraderie Showcase

This gallery features photographers who have established a unique bond with Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival through years of collaboration. These photographers have been very supportive in making the KLPF a successful event year after year. They are established photographers and educators in many ways.

The Young Photographers Program

The Young Photographers Program is an initiative by the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival to nurture and inspire young photographers. Through this program, students from 20 schools and institutions will learn about life as a professional photographer by expressing their creativity and participating in exhibitions and presentations.


  1. 1.1 Chong Hwa Photography Society,Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡中华独立中学摄影学会

  2. 1.2 Chung Hua High School, Negeri Sembilan 森美兰芙蓉中华中学摄影学会

  3. 1.3 Hin Hua High School Photography Society, Klang, Selangor 巴生兴华中学摄影学会

  4. 1.4 Keat Hwa High School Photography Society,Alor Setar,Kedah 亚罗士打吉华独立中学摄影学会

  5. 1.5 Phor Tay Private High School,Penang 菩提独立中学

  6. 1.6 Kuen Cheng High School Photography Club,Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡坤成中学

  7. ROOM 2

    1. 2.1 SMK Taman Bukit Maluri,Kuala Lumpur

    2. 2.2 Sri KDU Secondary School,Kota Damansara,Selangor

    3. 2.3 SMJK Sin Min, Kedah 吉打双溪大年新民国中

    4. 2.4 SMJK Seg Hwa, Johor 昔华中学

    5. 2.5 SJK(C) Mun Choong, Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡孟加兰民众华小

    6. 2.6 Kelab Seni Foto,SMJK Pei Hwa, Tangkak, Johor 东甲培华华中摄影学会

    7. 2.7 SMK Kepong Photography Club, Kuala Lumpur

    8. 2.8 SMK Bdr Sg Petani, Kedah

    ROOM 3

    1. 3.1 Kelab Fotojurnalis SMK Bandar Banting,Selangor

    2. 3.2 SEGi College Subang Jaya,Selangor

    3. 3.3 Tsun Jin High School 吉隆坡循人中学

    4. 3.4 Unisel Bestari Jaya, Visual Art Dept.,FCVAC UNISEL, Selangor

    5. 3.5 UiTM Melaka

    6. 3.6 The One Academy

KLPF2020 Online Photo Exhibition – Portfolio Exhibition

A portfolio is a collection of a work that reflects the character, attributes and style of the photographer. It is a method of self-discovery and a way to present a photographer’s personal thoughts. The KLPF Portfolio Exhibition is curated by Jamason Chen, the Clinical Professor in School of Communication of Loyola University, Chicago.

Here are the 10 photographers hand-picked for this exhibition.

KLPF2020 Online Photo Exhibition – Photographic Society Exhibition

Recognising the vital role of photographic societies in promoting and enhancing the art and sciences of photography in our communities, the KLPF has provided a platform for them to exhibit their artwork to the world. They are also offered the opportunity to present their work and share their experiences which in a way has help in the growth of enthusiasm in photography.

Gallery 1

Hall 1 : Society of Photographers Malaysia, Segamat Photography Society

Hall 2 : Women Photographers Malaysia, YellowBoots Photography Club

Hall 3 : Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya

Gallery 2

Hall 1 : ISP Collective, Jurugambar.com

Hall 2 : Miri Photographic Society, Malaysian Nature Society Selangor Photo Group

Gallery 3

Hall 1 : Islamic World Photo, Bintulu Visual Arts Club, Colours of the World

Hall 2 : Kelab GoPro Malaysia, The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan, FJM Street Photography Malaysia